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Sergei Mikhailov

Police Mods Skins/Vehicles

Alright I wanted to share some skins that my friend made for me.

I'll show you some pictures.

LSPD Vehicles

National Guard

Sherif skins



LSPD Motorcycle




Alright here are the download links.


And for the skins there is weapon mods inside too and Medics skins are inculded inside.

To download the skins... :

Quick Tutorial for installing mods.

Alright to install vehicle mods you need SAMI
San Andreas Mod Installer cab be found HERE

SAMI is not hard to use my little sister can install mods with that.

Alright now for the skins... For the skins you need to use a program called

Alright ImgTool is a bit harder to use, MAke sure to backup gta3.img.

When u have the mod and img tool downloaded u can start modding.
If you downloaded a normal car mod u got a .dff and a .txd
Open up img tool and go into the menu: File
Click inside the menu: Open
And goto your GTA directory and search for the models folder and then double click on the: gta3.img and it will open.
Now u got a whole list of all the objects textures skin cars of san andreas.
Now we go to another menu again in img tool which is: Edit
Click on edit and then click on find.
Now u look back at your mod and look at the .txd name and the .dff name.
Example: turismo.txd turismo.dff
Now u type in find turismo.txd then it will highlight the name of the texture inside the gta3.img!
right click on the name and click: Replace
Now u get a search window.
Search for the turismo.txd and replace it DONE!
Do this for the .dff also and u got a mod installed !

This is how to install a simple mod

Yeah but different car skins makes SAMP slow and laggy.

Thats why i only mod the weapons and the radar.
Sergei Mikhailov

I use cars/skins/weapons/radar and some textures and I never lag.

When i had cars i game crashed all the time :S
Sergei Mikhailov

It's because the car mods you downloaded were corrupted...Those are my Real life friend who made them.

ok ill try

Everyone, I Have These Mods now, And I Assure You I Have Had No Problems With Them  Very Happy

Sure? I had my GTA SA modded with Cars and it was really laggy.
The map didn't loaded well. and it wasn't corrupted.
But CLEO mods like any Speed-o-metter was fine.


Hello , could you please repair the download links ? I would like to download that , but they are broken. Thx Smile

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